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Ungu Violet
Lando (Ricky Hanggono) a photographer who has just remained by his fianc?. In his uproar he met a ticket bus officer named Kalin (Dian Sastrowardoyo) who made Lando find his life passion again. But this did not take long because without reasons, Lando left Kalin which made her angry and feel offended.

Emerge yearning and wish to meet Kalin to explain the reason about his previously went. Fina lly he got the opportunity, but this meeting ended tragically. Kalin got accident and resulted in her being blind. Although afterwards Kalin got the donor for his eyes cornea, but she couldn`t see the presence of Lando, the man she really loved.

Could Kalin have finally met Lando, or whether the eyes cornea? So little time, so much love !!

Release Date : Jun 23, 2005

Director : Rako Prijanto

Writer : Jujur Prananto

Staring : Dian Sastrowardoyo, Rizky Hanggono, Rima Melati, Ade Irawan, Titi Qadarsih

Studio : Sinemart Production

Runtime :

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Movie Mania On June - 23 - 2005

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