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Legenda Sundel BOlong
Sundel Bolong is an Indonesian urban legend, about a woman who rose from the dead and haunted people. The woman usually wears white with long hair and has a hole in her back. The story centers on Imah, an ex-Ronggeng dancer. She who wants to leave behind her past life as Ronggeng dancer, because people sees Ronggeng dancer is just the same as prostitute. Even now she married to a Sarpa who works in tea plantation people still dislike her because of her past. The tea plantation owner, Danapati (Tio Pakusadewo) falls for Imah. He sends Sarpa to Sumatra and while Sarpa not around he rapes Imah. When Sarpa comes back, Imah doesn’t tell him about Danapati. It seems to be a perfect crime for Danapati, but since then, strange things happen in the village. Every night one of the village people found death with a hole in their back.

Release Date : October 18, 2007

Director : Hanung Bramantyo

Writer : Erik Tiwa, Hanung Bramantyo

Cast : Baim, Tio Pakusadewo, Jian Batari, Uli Auliani

Studio : Rapi Film


Runtime : 91 mins

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Movie Mania On September - 21 - 2007

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  1. Fadila says:

    This one is a classic! I remember watching Sendel Bolong when I was a little kid. Well, I mean the old one. I guess they’re making a more modern version one now.

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