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Selamanya is Indonesian romance movie. The movie tells the message about ‘true love stays forever’. Aristha (Julie Estelle) and Bara were lover. They were young and wild but loves each other. After their juvenile life they’re separated. Bara got himself clean. He started a completely new life, losing track with Aristha for years. In his beautiful new life, Bara now is a groom-to-be for Nina, a beautiful and loving lady. When Aristha resurfaces in her worst condition ever, Bara feels responsible to bring Aristha to the straight line. As he starts to open the door to the past life, the love is quickly rekindled. Aristha’s fragility takes him over with a storm of romance and compassion.

Release Date : July 19, 2007

Director : Ody C. harahap

Writer : Sekar Ayu Asmara

Cast : Julie Estelle, Dimas Seto, Masayu Anastasia

Studio : MVP Pictures

Runtime : 90 mins

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