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Sang Dewi
Sang Dewi tells story about a desperate prostitute named Laras (Sabai Morscheck) who wants to commit a suicide because she couldn’t get love she always dreaming of. Even her life is ruin. But she is saved by a mute boxer named Deno (Volland Humonggio). Deno’s presence slowly reaffirms Laras to believe in love and life.

Release Date : July 19, 2007

Director : Dwi Ilalang

Writer : Dwi Ilalang

Cast : Shabai Morscheck, Voland Humonggo, Donny Alamsyah, Cathy Saron, Dendy Subangil, Choky Sihotang

Studio : Big Daddy Production and Starvision

Runtime : 90 mins

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Movie Mania On July - 21 - 2007

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