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Realita, Cinta & Rock `N Roll

Start from 2 bestfriends, Ipang (Vino G. Bastian) and Nugi (Herjunot Ali). They hate school, trouble makers, and they have a rock band. They feel that the world is on their hands. Until one day they must face the reality that they never imagine before. Adoption child and transsexual parents problems. Their friendships almost break up with the existence of a girl friend, Sandra (Nadine Chandrawina ta ? Miss Indonesia 2005). The movie describe how they Rock ?n Roll attitude can face the reality!

Release Date : Feb 02, 2006

Director : Upi

Writer : Upi

Staring : Herjunot Ali, Vino G, Nadine C, Barry Prima, Frans Tumbuan, Sandy Harun

Studio : Virgo Putra Film

Runtime :

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Movie Mania On February - 2 - 2006

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