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Pocong 3
After the success of Pocong 2, here comes the third sequel. Putri (Francine) is a DJ in a night club named Vendetta. Suddenly she heard news about her father who left her ten years ago. Her father has passed away. This news is such a shock to Putri because a mystery that haunted her for the past ten years is reason why her father left her. She decided to forget about it and move on with her life. But strange things happen. She feels that something haunts her and she feels that this is connected to her father’s death. To solve the mystery Putri tries to find Laksmi (Rina Hassim) who knows everything about her father.

Release Date : October 10, 2007

Director : Monty Tiwa

Writer : Monty Tiwa

Cast : Francine, Darius Sinathrya, Elmayana, Sabrenia, Gary Iskak, Rina Hassim

Studio : Sinemart Pictures

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Movie Mania On September - 21 - 2007

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