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My Love Pattzy
The Korean Drama Series My Love Patzzi is directed by Lee Jin Sook (Sisters, Star in My Heart, and All About Eve). Join the cast are Pop star Jang Na Ra and Hong Eun Hee. The story is based on romantic parody of popular Cinderella-like Korean folktale. The folktale concerns two sisters, Patzzi and Kongzzi. Patzzi is the evil, mean, and ugly sister, while Kongzzi is nice, pretty, and the one who wins the heart of the prince. Song Ee (Jang Na Ra) is the Patzzi character and Hee Won (Hong Eun Hee) is the Kongzzi. Since they are little kids, they are always being rivalry each other. Hee Won is the usual winner – especially where guys are concerned. Hee Won currently with the handsome Hyun-Sung (Kim Rae-Won of Love Story in Harvard and My Little Bride) but when the rich and successful Seung Joon (Kim Jae Won of Romance and 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant) shows up, the rivalry between the girls continue.

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Movie Mania On April - 18 - 2007

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