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Long Road To Heaven
Long Road to Heaven sets at October 2002 Bali Bombing tragedy. Hannah Catrelle (Mirrah Foulkes) trapped in the chaos after the explosion occurred. In the middle of the chaos she met with Hajj Ismail (Joshua Pandelaki), a Moslem living in Bali. Through Ismail, Hanna starts to learn the real Islam teaching and slowly her prejudice to Islam fades away.

Seven months later, an Australian reporter named Liz Thompson (Raelee Hill) arrived in Bali for a research at the story. She accompanied by Wayan Diya (Alex Komang); a Balinese who lost a relative in the tragedy. During her research she learns Balinese philosophy which is open her mind and enriched her view to better understand about life.

Release Date : January 15, 2007

Director : Enison Sinaro

Writer : Wong Kai Leng, Andy Logam-Tan

Cast : Alex Komang, Raelee Hills, Mirrah Foulkes, Surya Saputra

Studio : Kalyana Shira Films

Runtime :

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Movie Mania On January - 16 - 2007

8 Responses so far.

  1. rocket says:

    It will reveal huge of prejudice!!!

  2. Grace says:

    I saw the movie for special screening. And WOW…. is amazing storytelling deep into the mind of every kind of people. from the terorist, from westerner, from balinese, from Islam.

    The story plot very objectively and fair. the story talk about humanity. It brings the audience to understanding about a lot of things?

    What actually happened? Why they pick bali as the target? Is the terorist scared? is there any short cut to heaven?

  3. Yudi says:

    I’m a muslim who lived in Bali. My home is 10 miles from Kuta and the explosion is still heard and slightly rattle the window.

    Our lives, regardless of any religion is deeply affected. Bali is never be the same again. Muslim minority and Hindu majority had coexist peacefully in Bali since 19th century. To be honest, now there is still lingering prejudice toward us.

    Defending Islam by killing innocent civilians is the dumbest idea I ever heard. Where they get this idea?! my life might be a lot better now if these short-sighted people never perpetrated these stupid acts.

    I’ll never watch the movie, just to watch the trailer is terrifying enough.It just remind me on the stressful and depressed moments we felt during two bomb blasts in Bali.

  4. Chris says:

    Saw this yesterday with my friend, and I was worried a little that she would be offended by the movie. However, the filmmakers did a great job balancing both points of view, and in the end, I think we both learned something.
    Good movie, and a wonderful tribute to all those whose lives were affected by the blast.

  5. sesy says:

    tactfull and enjoyable. present a new perspective of islam, of the bombing, and the philosophy.

  6. Bayuseta says:

    i’ve just watch it.. just like y’all said, it reveal all the things about the bali bombing… i really like the character named Hajji “something” ( I forgot) he realli is reveal that there’s no way to cheat the long and hard road ro heaven.. and not all moslem are terorist..

    the blonde american chick was kind hot .. LOL..

    nice movie.. watch it..

  7. shofie says:

    after knowing that this film will be premiered, i’m so worried another people that doesn’t know about islam will be under estimated but they must know about the fact of islam that the moslem people will be always in a peace..they love another people like they love them self…vivat islam

  8. bambang says:

    I haven’t watched this movie, but i’m waiting for its dvd releasing. I think, Nia Di Nata, “Long Road to Heaven” producer is so creative and so imaginative. After the “Love for Share (Berbagi Suami)” about polygamy in Indonesia, i believe that she could make another big movies, that is “LRtH”.

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