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Lewat Tengah Malam (After Midnight)
Lewat Tengah Malam (After Midnight) is an Indonesian Horror movie directed by Koya Pagayo. A widower named Tara lives with her only teenage daughter, Alice. Tara’s ex-husband, Yuga is in the mental hospital. Strange things happen when Alice sees a spirit haunted her in the apartment. The same spirit also terrorizes Yuga at the mental hospital. The spirit is appeared to be Yuga’s long time girlfriend who died when she has abortion.

Release Date : March 8, 2007

Director : Koya Pagayo

Writer : Ery Sofid

Cast : Cathrine Wilson, Joanna Alexandra, Andhika Pratama, Ichi Nuraini, Krisna Murti, Fenita, Renny Umari, Gabriel Martianie, Arie Wardani

Studio : Maxima Pictures

Runtime :

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Movie Mania On February - 13 - 2007

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