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Lentera Merah
Lentera Merah is well known as a campus magazine in which the articles criticizes the well being of the campus as well as the government. “Lentera Merah always exploits the truth”. To be a part of Lentera Merah is to be a part of an exclusive institution. With its publication and connections throughout the world, most ?graduates` of Lentera Merah has proven to be a rising star in their work.

To enter Lentera Merah, you have to go through tight competition. There is Risa Aprilianty (Laudya Cynthia Bella) who is willing to go through anything to be a part of it. There is also Riki, Lia, Muti and Yoga. To be the top 5, and to be a part of the ?initiation night` ceremony and officially in Lentera Merah, they have to compete. They have to be tested and quizzed intellectually in order to be a true journalist. With the help of a photographer, Bayu, Risa gets the task of covering the haunted areas around the campus. Risa, Lia, Muti, Riki and Yoga finally makes it to the top 5. They get to join the initiation night. The seniors of Lentera Merah year 48 introduces themselves. Iqbal Abdinegara (Dimas Beck), tough and persistent leader, Wulan (Firrina), Arif (Teuku Wisnu), Dinda (Kartika Indah) and Rio (Fikri Ramadhan).

Initiation night begins. The 5 candidates go through physical “mind” games to find the truth that in fact brings them to a world of horror, deceit and the supernatural. While the juniors try to break the clues, the terror continues. Ghosts of the pasts comes back to haunt the juniors. What is hidden underneath Lentera Merah that only exploits the truth….

Release Date : May 24, 2006

Director : Hanung Bramantyo

Writer : Ginatri S. Noer, Hanung Bramantyo

Staring : Laudya Cynthia Bella, Dimas Beck, Firrina, Teuku Wisnu, Fikri Ramdhan, Kartika Indah Pelapory, Saputra, Tesadesrada Ryza, Beauty Oehmke, Auxilia Paramitha, Zaenal Arifin

Studio : Rapi Films

Runtime : 100 min.

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Movie Mania On May - 24 - 2006

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