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Lawang Sewu (Dendam Kuntilanak)
Lawang Sewu is an Indonesian horror movie titled based on an old building in Semarang, a city in Central Java. A group of youngsters celebrate their school holiday by make a trip to Semarang. Their happy vacation becomes a nightmare when they visit a place called Lawang Sewu (means a building with thousand doors). Lawang Sewu is not an ordinary old building. The place has a mystery which brings them into a terror. One by one they have to pay with their life.

Release Date : September, 2007

Director : Arie Azis

Writer : Aviv Elham

Cast : Thalita Latief, Salvina, Bunga Jelita, Tsania Marwa, Marcell Darwin, Ronald Gustav

Studio : MD Pictures

IMDB : Link

Runtime : 90 mins

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Movie Mania On September - 21 - 2007

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