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Lantai 13
Lantai 13 (Thirteenth Floor) is an Indonesian horror movie starring Widi Mulia, well known as Widi AB Three, one of the personnel of trio singer AB Three. The story is about a girl named Luna (Widi) who got a job in an office at thirteenth floor. But Luna experiencing a lot of strange things when she works at the office. She often heard someone whisper in her ears, crying in the toilet and smells something weird in the lift. Later she knows those strange things happened because one year ago, 6 June 2006, the owner of the building killed 12 women to become a sacrifice so that his business can grow. He tricked the women to become secretary of his company, but then he killed it. It’s supposed to be 13 women, but one year ago a woman didn’t respond to the invitation letter he sent. The thirteenth woman is Luna. And after one year, Albert, the building owner is still going to complete his sacrificing ceremony.

Release Date : June 7, 2007

Director : Helfi Kardit

Writer : Helfi Kardit

Cast : Widi Mulia (AB Three), Ariyo Wahab, Virnie Ismail, Lucky Hakim, Tio Pakusadewo

Studio : Starvision

Runtime :

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Movie Mania On June - 13 - 2007

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