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Jelangkung 3
Jelangkung 3 is a horror movie based on the story behind the 2001 Jelangkung movie. The story centers on Yodi (Andrew Roxburgh) a young man who watched the movie Jelangkung alone. Although his two best friends, Patra (Reza Pahlevi) dan Cris (Griselda Mitha) warned him not to watch the movie alone he didn’t care. Even he sat on a empty chair which dedicated to the spirit who sacrificed in the making of Jelangkung movie. Strange things happen after he watched the movie. A spirit of a small kid keep haunted him. Yodi is so frightened and asked his best friends to help him.

Release Date : October 10, 2007

Director : Angga Dwimas Sasongko

Writer : Ginantri S. Noer, Erwin Arnada

Cast : Mitha Griselda, Andrew R. Roxburgh, M. Reza Pahlevi

Studio : Rexinema


Runtime : 90 mins

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Movie Mania On October - 17 - 2007

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