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Je Reste! (I?M Staying)
Marie-Do (Sophie Marceau) and Bertrand (Vincent Perez) from a close-knit couple, but only on the surface. Because of his international responsibilities, Bertrand spends his time on planes and only unwinds when engaging in his favourite sport, cycling, which he practices nights and weekends when he`s in Paris.

A real maniac, Bertrand won`t tolerate any changes in his habits. Marie-Do has been giving in to all her husband`s demands for several years now, seeing to the upbringing of their 7-year-old son. But her patience is about to reach the breaking point.

Release Date : Jan 01, 2004

Director : Diane Kurys

Writer : Florence Quentin

Staring : Sophie Marceau, Vincent Perez, Charles Berling

Studio : Pathe

Runtime : 102 min.

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Movie Mania On January - 1 - 2004

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