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Rachel (Nirina Zubir) is a young energetic tomboy, looking unconcerned but smart and full of initiative ? while Farel (Irwansyah) is a handsome, creative, full of surprises young man. They grew up together and have been friends since childhood until they grew up.

One day at the bookshop Farel meets a young pretty Luna (Acha Spetriana), a comic writer. It was love at first sight for Farel and he confides to Rachel could do expect to give her best to support Farel and help wins Luna`s heart. In her efforts suddenly Rachel feels jealous, something she had never felt before. Slowly she tries to change her appearance to look more feminine. Subconsciously all Rachel wanted was to get Farel`s attention because she was afraid of losing him.

One day Rachel accidently sees Luna and Farel kissing passionately. She went amuck then ran away with no direction, resulting in an accident and causing her legs to be amputated. The same time on their happiest moment, Luna had suddenly become sick. Both Luna and Rachel are admitted to the same hospital. It was there that Rachel saw how deeply Farel loved Luna and how Luna at her most critical time desperately needed a donor for her heart.

Will Rachel be able to accept the painful truth of losing Farel to Luna? Can Farel accept the reality of losing Luna forever? And what will Rachel do for her best friend`s happiness who also happens to be her only love?

Release Date : May 11, 2006

Director : Hanny R. Saputra

Writer : Armantono

Staring : Nirina Zubir, Irwansyah, Acha Septriana, Ari Sihasale

Studio : Starvision

Runtime : 125 min.

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Movie Mania On May - 11 - 2006

3 Responses so far.

  1. reza says:

    cerita yang bagus!
    film indonesia tersukses tahun 2006
    1,5 juta penonton….

  2. Amel says:

    uhhhh bagus bgt ceritanya, bikin mata gw berkaca kaca ampe nangis…!!! Gw seneng bgt pas dibuat versi sinetronnya..!! Bwt Irwan Good LUck ja YA…!!!

  3. Rizthi says:

    Dari semua film drama p’cintaan yg ada di Indonesia,film ini yg pling “touch my HEART”. Gue suka banget sama aktingx Nirina,sma yg lain,benar2 cocok n’ mendukung film ini.Musikx juga super gooooooood! buat Bpk.Hanny Saputra,Good Luck y!

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