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Hantu (Ghost) is an Indonesian horror movie. The story is about five young man and woman who make a trip to a lake called Setra Wingit. They are Gali (Oka Antara) and his girlfriend, Rinjani (Dhea Ananda), Ray (Dwi Andhika), Maya (Monique Henry) and Indra (Andhika Gumilang). The lake is located on the remote area near a forest which no one has gone before. When they get to the lake, strange things begin to happen and the terror starts when Rinjani disappears.

Release Date : August 9, 2007

Director : Adrianto Sinaga

Writer :

Cast : Oka Antara, Dhea Ananda, Dwi Andhika, Andhika Gumilang, Monique Henry

Studio : Grandiz Media Production

Runtime : 95 mins

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Movie Mania On July - 20 - 2007

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