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Aga, Gaia and Awan are young musicians struggling for their existence, with anger and passion for the music they believe in. Together they formed their band: Garasi. With the help of a local record store, they produced their first album. Soon, the unique sound of their music catches wide attention.

Popularity soon takes its price. Love between them that they try to deny, misunderstanding, sib ling rivalries, and accusations from the media and society surround them.

Garasi is Agung Sentausa`s directorial debut. ?This film is for anybody whose life has been touched and influenced by music,? says Mira Lesmana, the producer of the film.

Release Date : Jan 19, 2006

Director : Agung Sentausa

Writer : Prima Rusdi

Staring : Fedy Nuril, Ayu Ratna, Aries Budiman, Arie Dagienk, Desta CLUB 80s, Syaharani

Studio : Miles Films

Runtime : 113 min.

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