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Dunia Lain The Movie
The Sci-fi action thriller film told about a mystery of supernatural people whose killed saddeningly attract the producer of Dunia Lain show, Sukron (Ronald Surapradja), who hold ?Courage Test? on the village. One of participant named Shinta (Dinda Wulansari) disappears.

An archaeologist from UCLA, Victor Diaz (Cipta Croft-Cusworth) informs that the murders are connected with supernatural pow er from ancient Egypt which collecting skin to reinforce his supernatural powers.

Everything increasingly worst when a creature not just attacking Harry Pantja (Harry Pantja) the Dunia Lain presenter, but also lurked the producer, Irin (Dhini Aminarti), who not realizes that she has ?something?. Interpol informs that no one UCLA archaeologist named Victor Diaz. Who really Victor Diaz is? And why this creature aim Irin? Would they find Shinta?

Release Date : Jul 27, 2006

Director : Cipta Croft-Cusworth, Golden Kasmara

Writer : Cipta C.C, Nurzukyansyah, D.D. Putranto, Golden Kasmara

Staring : Dini Aminarti, Harry Pantja, Ronal Surapradja, Ivan Zay

Studio : Transinema Pictures

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