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Detik Terakhir
Love is painful, at least for Regi (Cornelia Agatha) whose was experienced and believed. In her unharmonious family, she becomes an introvert and lonely woman. Alienation cause heart suffering make herself to heave in understanding the meaning of life, love and happiness.

In depression and the uncertainty life, Regi finds hope from Rajib (Mike Muliadro) and Vela (Sausan), where she feels the real love and happiness for the first time. Regi is one of the examples of an adolescent who must struggle hard through various ordeals and life phase which were coloured with violence, hatred, hypocrisy, love and affection.

Release Date : Sep 29, 2005

Director : Nanang Istiabudi

Writer : Alberthiene Endah, Twen Tyaval

Staring : Cornelia Agatha, Sausan, Ari Sudarsono, Mike Muliadro, Sudjiwo Tedjo, Reza ?The Groove?

Studio : Indika Entertainment

Runtime : 90 min.

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Movie Mania On September - 29 - 2005

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