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Coklat Stroberi
Coklat Stroberi is Indonesian teenage movie about friendship. Two best friends Key (Nadia Saphira) and Citra (Marsha Timothy) live together in a rented house in Jakarta. They are students but also taking part time job. Citra works in a distro and Key is trying to find her life become a TV star. Their financial is not really good. Key’s producer is wanting something else makes Key cancelled her contract. Due of their financial problem, they can’t pay the rent to Madam Ratna (Tike Priatnakusuma) the landlady. Because of that Madam Ratna forces them to share the house with two other persons, Nesta (Nino Fernandez) and Aldi (Marrio Merdhithia). These two news guys are handsome, but there is some secrets seem lies behind them

Release Date : June 14, 2007

Director : Ardy Octaviand

Writer : Upi

Cast : Marrio Merdhithia, Nino Fernandez, Nadia Saphira, Marsha Timothy, Tieke Priatnakusuma

Studio : Investasi Film Indonesia

Runtime : 100 mins

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Movie Mania On May - 20 - 2007

One Response so far.

  1. Jevry says:

    ini film sampah banget… nggak penting!… alurnya capek dan jalan ceritanya najis abis…
    endingnya juga nggak banget…

    untung gue cuma nonton dari VCD yang gue sewa dari rental dengan harga sewa paket… jadi nggak rugi2 banget…

    coba kalau nontonnya pas hari libur di 21 Senayan…. habis nonton, gue pecahin tuh kaca loketnya…

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