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Catatan Akhir Sekolah
n the School where 3 bestfriends known as A3, Agni (VJ Ramon), Alde (Marcel) and Arian (Vino Bastian) were labeled and considered as the loser in their school. They determined to take a revenge? on their school mates through a documentary film about graduation diary.

Following the A3 that fought to be free from the nickname loser and became the hero of the school. The intrigue of the triang le love between Agni, his former girlfriend, Alina and Ray, the school cock

Release Date : Mar 31, 2005

Director : Hanung Bramantyo

Writer : Salman Aristo

Staring : VJ Ramon, Marcel, Vino Bastian, Alexandra Joanna, Christian Sugiono

Studio : Rexinema

Runtime :

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Movie Mania On March - 31 - 2005

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