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Badai Pasti Berlalu
Badai Pasti Berlalu is a remake of 1978 Indonesian movie with same title. The original movie was directed by Teguh Karya, and Teddy Soeriaatmadja directs the remake. The story is about a life of Siska (Raihaanun), a young woman who has a bitter life after her fiancé cheated on her. After the incident, Siska tries to move on by dating Johnny (Agastya Kandau), a friend of her brother Leo (Vino G. Bastian). But Leo actually just used Siska to proof himself in front of his friends by making bet that he could date Siska. When Siska find out she break up with Leo even Leo tried to explain to her that the bet is nothing to him. In the middle of heartbreaking, Siska married with Helmi (Winky Wiryawan) a man whose turn up to be a scammer.

Release Date : February 14, 2007

Director : Teddy Soeriaatmadja

Writer : Titien Watimena

Cast : Vino G. Bastian, Raihaanun, Winky Wiryawan, Agastya Kandau, Slamet Rahardjo, Dewi Irawan, Indra Birowo, Que Haidar, Fasha Sandha, Andhara Early

Studio : Astral Pictures

Runtime : 90 mins

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Movie Mania On January - 18 - 2007

3 Responses so far.

  1. J. Handoyo says:

    Film Badai pasti berlalu bagus deh. Udah nonton 2x masih mau beli dvd nya. bravo buat teddy

  2. saras says:

    filmnya lumayan bagus.. agak2 bosenin sihhh. tapi pemainnya keren2 apalagi vino

  3. mili says:

    film nya keren bgt…

    w cinta bgt ma dr.leo

    vino is the best lah…

    vino kapan maen film lagi yahhh

    mili cintah sangadh vino g. bastian

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